No More Chains Movement

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11 Stories of Chain Breaking Tranformations That Will Set You Free

Everyone has a story and being able to boldly share your story can change someone's life. Eleven powerhouse women have done just that; peeled back the layers of pain, fear, and shame from addictions, loss, homelessness, parents who gave up on them, abusive relationships and an HIV diagnosis. These powerful "awakening" stories of succeeding against the odds will inspire you and empower you to release the chains that hold you back and create a new bigger, better, bolder story.

Foreword by Darrin Dewitt Henson

Afterword by Abiola Abrams


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The Power Inside of You 

R. Ari Squires

Discover how to peel back all of the layers of who you are not, so you can discover who you really are.  You will get reconnected with your true-self , and you will be amazed at the transformation that naturally flows out into your world. You will unveil your bright, luminous radiant self.  We are  going to remove whatever is blocking you from shining your light.

Ari Squires organically serves as an authentic living life coach, trainer, and speaker who guides entrepreneurs to discover a new way of living - a way that is free from struggle, fear and limitation and is filled to the brim with freedom, peace and abundance of everything you love.

Through her life-changing online programs, sold out workshops and seminars, 1:1 mentoring and mastermind groups she is opening the hearts and minds of hundreds of people from all over the country to release their chains.